Society for Health And Psychology Enabled Services (SHAPES)

Nourish the

Mind, Body, and Soul |

What We Do..!!

Providing Mental Health Care, Counselling, Training & Skills Development, and nutritional help for the last Fourteen years​

"I invest in our relationship, getting to know the person behind the ailment – history, lifestyle, food habits, everything."
"Need help navigating the super market? We’ll work together to establish a healthy eating plan that is just right for you."
"As a practicer of positive Mental health care , we’ll dive into natural healing options for you, instead of immediately looking for pills."
Education for life
"Education for life empowers individuals with essential skills, knowledge, and values, fostering lifelong learning and personal growth for lasting success."
Community Outreach
"builds connections, empowers positive change by engaging with diverse communities, promoting education, and supporting well-being."
Life Skills
"Wellbeing promotes emotional resilience, coping skills, and a positive mindset, enhancing overall mental and emotional health for a fulfilling life."

Kickstart your life with mental wellbeing, positive mental health care and Counselling… you can 100% count on