Society for Health And Psychology Enabled Services (SHAPES)

Eucation for Life

Saksham-Education for Life

Education is a continuous and creative process. Its aim is to develop the capacities latent in human nature and to coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society, by equipping children with spiritual, moral and material knowledge. Within this creative process, it is possible to achieve an essential harmony between faith and reason through an approach to education that encourages the free investigation of all realities and trains the mind to recognize truth, irrespective of its origin.

True education builds capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence in self, will power and goal setting competencies, and instills the vision that will enable him to become self-motivating agent of social change, serving the best interests of the community. Today, education needs an expanded definition that frees it from today’s largely economic context and acknowledges its role in transforming both individual lives and entire society.

Society for Health & Psychology Enabled Services (SHAPES) is a non-government development organization working on issues affecting urban and rural poor with a special focus on children. For that Society for Health & Psychology Enabled Services (SHAPES) has taken major initiative to promote and project Indian values and culture through quality & experiential education. Therefore, SHAPES has developed a project called “SAKSHAM-Education for Life”.  Under this project we have visualized every child & individual in India to be educated through this project.

The objectives of this Project are as follows:

  • Financial & non-financial assistance / scholarship to meritorious and underprivileged students for further studies.
  • Free education to   underprivileged/street children
  • Free education to  mentally challenged children
  • Girl’s  & women empowerment through basic education
  • Develop public awareness about “child labour”, “girls/women education”, and “right to education”.
  • Establishing   schools & institutions (formal & informal education) in various parts of India to be projecting Indian culture & value system.
  • Vocational training for future employment.

Our motto is not only to teach /educate them but also to nurture and empower their holistic growth from integrative psychological perspectives. We accomplish this noble deed by holistic psychological approach. So that they could lead into mainstream and become self-reliant individuals.

Currently, we are working project as follows:

1. FINANCIAL Support in form of Scholarship: “Gift an Education for Life”

Very first objective of SHAPES is to help the unprivileged students. SHAPES is  awarding scholarship under this project of “SAKSHAM-Education for Life” as an award of financial aid to  students for  further education. The name of the scholarship is “Gift an Education for Life. It is offered only to underprivileged meritorious students across India. It will be awarded to students on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purpose of the donor or founder. For the development & growth of the community, we need to cultivate education sector in various ways. Scholarship is a great way to help the meritorious under privileged students.

All you need to do is enroll once for scholarship of this project.  SHAPES will work on students’ selection and will send further for the needy students. Every Penny you give helps us in a great way to better serve the community.  We need your continuous support.

We request you to enroll into monthly donation program with any amount which automatically transfers from your account to SHAPES.

“Gift an Education for Life”   is a very transparent program where you can help the student of your choice and see the progress of the student you are helping. It is designed to help the unprivileged students in primary education to higher education, boarding in the hostel for education.

SHAPES will identify the unprivileged students and SHAPES Education Committee will screen them and select for the scholarship. SHAPES will deal with all the logistics in helping the students.

  We request you to come forward and “Gift a Smile”. Your little contribution makes a large difference in someone’s life.

2.  SCHOols/inistutions for Underprivileged/street Children     

Under-privileged / street children are highly concentrated in countries with struggling economies, but are also present in developed countries. Regardless of their location, they face hardships and exploitation. They are generally deprived of their right to education and have little or no access to the formal education system. The majority of them are illiterate and have either never been enrolled, or have dropped out of the formal education system and it is difficult to secure funding for the kind of informal education which suits under-privileged and street children’s lives.

The lack of education and educational opportunities makes under-privileged / street children particularly vulnerable to trafficking, child labour, sexual abuse, and exposure to HIV/AIDS and other STIs, police violence.

These children remain one of the most neglected and vulnerable groups of children. Their protection and education are often overlooked, either due to inadequate legislation or obstacles related to the implementation of that legislation.

In Delhi, 50,923 children below 18 years were identified on Delhi’s streets. Street children constitute 0.4 percent of national capital’s total population and one in five children on streets is a rag picker, 15% street vendors and 15% beggars (Times of India, 29th April, 2011).

We have planned to enroll 200 children every year from different parts of the India. We want to help these children in a different manner e.g.  by establishing schools, providing books, lodging, food, dress, health & hygiene   etc.   We have already started at Balasore, Orissa, where 500 hundred children are enrolled and getting benefits through this project.  We have started working in Delhi & NCR too. The estimate cost of each child Rs: 10,000/- p.a.

3. TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR MENTALLY challenged children

Mentally challenged children are unable to fulfill their intellectual potential, and have mental capacities that lag behind those of their peers. Mental retardation has many different causes, degrees, variables and facets, and identifying it is more of a process of classification than a diagnosis of a disease. Mental retardation also has a wide spectrum.
Mentally challenged children are slow to learn, slow to process thought and have an impaired adaptive ability. They may also be slow in their physical development. Mentally challenged children are now encouraged to live with their families, participate with their peer groups and even strive for independence.

  • To impart education and training to mentally challenged children.
  • To impart vocational training for future employment.
  • To advise and help parents through counseling and training and to foster mutual help between them.
  • To undertake and encourage scientific and other research into the problem of mental retardation.
  • To develop public awareness.