Society for Health And Psychology Enabled Services (SHAPES)

"Unlocking the mysteries of the mind through research and offering insightful consultancy—a journey into the infinite possibilities of human cognition."

SHAPES has taken another major initiative, that is “Research & Consultancy-transforming minds”. Research and innovation process that takes into account, the effects and potential impacts on the environment and society. Research and Development plays a critical role in the innovation process. It’ is essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities which is transformed into new products, processes, and services. The objectives of the project are:

  • Doing latest research on various psychological issues, education, entrepreneurship, and human resource management deal with business practices in the society.
  • Organizing conferences and seminars to sensitize various issues, promoting innovation and its impacts on the society.
  • Innovative research work to be published in the form of journals, magazines and books.
  • Providing consultancy to different organizations on various outputs of research work   and how research to be applied for the benefit of the society.